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29 septembre 2011

Bein' with youuu~

A-S-articleHi, everyone! Serotonin draws way too much on her notebooks instead of creating stories about me... She even can't be arsed to put this in color! Soo, here what she has done during the past 3 weeks.


Sooo, we meet again.... HUMANS.

img351img345img350Research about "Full emptiness" in art class

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04 septembre 2011

"Well that sucks."

La rentrée Lundi?

Going back to school on Monday?



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30 juillet 2011

"Pince-mi & Pince-moi"


-Weeell! You have pretty beautiful females on Earth!

-It's a jellyfish. A dead one.


24 juillet 2011


Drunk Bear"I'm a bear full of rage and violence."

Jean-Jack Poil"I've got a nice hat."

Just like my dick-Oh, Brian, playing the guitar is so funny!

-Just like my dick!

-Oh, Brian, jouer de la guitarre, c'est tellement marrant!


Pour Frodon

"For Frodooo!"

tuvesuC"hi gurl, u ever suked a guy or wot??? lol u R sxxi"

"Pardon me?"

Gras de bouillon

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07 juillet 2011

I can see booooobiiiiies!

Summer timeComme notre cher ami Punk vous le dit, c'est l'été, PUTAIN OUAIS! Tout ça pour dire que je risque, entre deux bières, de pas beaucoup poster! Ou alors des trucs débiles. J'ai un carnet à remplir, vous aurez sûrement de quoi regarder quand j'aurais pas la flemme de publier! Passez un bon été, mes lapins! Bonne bourre, bonne baise, bons festoch'... Bref, amusez-vous!

As our punk friend will tell you, it's summer time, FUCK YEAH! Anyway, I won't post that much in the next 2 months (Cause I'll probably drink too much beer.)! Or only stupid stuff. I've got a notebook to fill, so you'll probably have things to see, if I can find motivation to post... Be drunk, have sex, go to festivals... Have fun!

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22 juin 2011

Silly Sally ~

Habitudes alimentaires

-You eat with your... your ears?!



-Stop "ewwing" me! You eat with your mouth I don't "eww"!


-Check out my wonderful ears!

-This is disgusting.



Oui, l'Anglais, c'est intéressant.

YES, english class is interesting.


OMG. I've got BLUE SOCKS! I just CAN'T go outside like this! I'm gonna DIE in there!

Jazz-I don't like jazz.

-You'll like it, you stupid kid.

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29 mai 2011

"Martin, Lord of the washing machiiiine!"

CBA_-Tell me, you said you'd start working History of Arts as soon as possible, which means when you'd be awake, right?

-Yeeees... Said that.

-You woke up two hours ago...

-Yeees but, Theo sends me texts right now...

-"Can't be arsed", have you heard of it?

-Fuck off.


Et oui, mon oral d'histoire des Arts c'est demain! D'ailleurs, j'avais la flemme de bien faire cette note, et puis j'aime bien le côté croquis derrière, donc vous faites pas chier! è.é

Yes, my history of arts exam is tomorrow! By the way, can't be arsed to draw well tonight, and I like it the way it is sooo... Don't be a pain, dude. è.é

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14 mai 2011

"You asian. -You ginger. -You asian. -You ginger. -You both stupid. -Fuck off!"

Look at my new babyyy. He's called Simon. I made a shit plate to introduce him... Will be better, promise!

Regardez mon nouveau bébééé. Il s'appelle Simon! J'ai fait une planche moche et ratée pour le présenter... Mais ça va s'améliorer, promis!


Introduction_laideThis is Simon. He's 12, likes football and green.

Introduction_laide__1_He has fallen in love with a girl, once. But when he realized that girls are too complicated for him, he decided he'll be just like his uncle, who drinks blue cocktails.


But Simon's mom doesn't really like that uncle who drinks blue cocktails. Hn!

Introduction_laide__3_Simon's best friend is called Hervé.


Oh, hi, Hervé!


Sinon, j'ai fait des petits dessins laids...

Oh, and I made some other little shits...

BicHis T-shirt. (Sobeautiful.)

Bic__1_Simon doesn't like homework...

Bic__2_The day Simon took drugs. But he didn't want to.


Just admit it. Simon's got fuckin' awesome shoes.


Conflict of opinions.

"Alright! Alright! We'll play football!"

Bic__5_Simon and his uncle who drinks blue cocktails.

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09 mai 2011

"Donne moi l'courage d'aller bouffer tous les nuages."

img273-Really really nice crap-shaped hat... An awesome belt which has an awesome design...

-Doubt, I think we can get that job at Dior and Galliano can go fuck off! Hell yeah!

-Aaaaah you're both so sexy!




J'ai plein de problèmes et de doutes en ce moment, mais bon, autant rigoler avec eux, ça marche bien aussi!

I've got lots of troubles and doubts right now... But, sometimes, laughing with 'em is quite good!

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03 mai 2011

"Il regarde les autres jouer à la guerre, le coeur lourd comme un canon en fer."



img268-Pouic from Heeeell!


img269-Yaay! That's youuu! Huuug!

-I didn't... get it.

-Since their childhood they've got this weird code...

img270-Hello uglies! Fancy a beer?

-Sure! At least we have a good reason to drink today!



-Because your beloved girl is finally arriiived!




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29 avril 2011








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21 avril 2011

"I'm awesome -Sure you are, honey."

img231 C'mon Aden! You just ask her out... Complicated? No!


-Fuck, he's always talkin' on his own...

img233-Err, Honey?



 -Would you like...


img235-*somethingnobodycanunderstand* Well, you understand what I mean. Ah.... This is good to tell.

-I didn't understand a fuckin' word you said, you're talkin' far to fast, twat.

img258Err, no, forget it! See you later!



- You all left me at the border!


img248Oh, Karolyn...

img249Err... Yes, right! Karolyn... Well, hem... AWESOME YOU'RE THEEERE YAAAY!

img250-Er... Yeah. S'ry.


img251-So, you was lost at the border...


-And who're you?

-Karolyn. Erika's sister.

img252-Dude, you've lost A GIRL... Good job! Erika's sister by the way!


-Oh! The blond guy has somethin' to tell you!

img254-Oh yeah?


img255I gotta to tell you somethin' about your sister.

img256-She has been kidnapped by mutant beets, hideous military project, planned by bad Byelorussia?

-What are you...? Oh, yeah. You believed that story... Well no.

img257She's actually... Right behind you.




Ce qui va arriver? Vous le saurez dans quelques jours... semaines. Et comme vous le dit Ryan:

What will happen? You'll see that in a few days... No weeks. And as Ryan says:


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05 avril 2011

"Tévhi, 14... -WAAAAAI CHAMPAGNE!"

Croquis pour Addictions de Farfadets (en collaboration avec mes amis étranges)

Sketches for Hobgoblins Addictions (featuring my weird mates)









Pau_I'm a unicorn but they wont admit it because they're fine if they don't give my glitter magic allocations! Skinflits!

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18 mars 2011

"Gros con."

Ok, mon anniversaire c'était hier... MAIS BON!

Alright, yesterday was birthday, I'm a kinda late... WHO CAAARES?! :D

img237-Should I say... Birthday Beeeeeer?

-Oooh realllyyy?

-I get you that one, it's St Patrick's day or what? :D

img238-I bet he'll spit in your beer...


-Oh... I don't know...

-Tell me!

-Maybe he'll put drugs in it!

-I know he can...


-Tell me!

-Tell you what?

-What he's gonna do with my beer?

-Oh? Me? But I don't know anything...

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16 mars 2011

"Sur l'herbe où le jour s'exténue L'arlequine s'est mise nue" Apollinaire

Bon, j'suis constamment en train de refaire les planches de mon histoire des Nénettes alors je vous fais du joli remplissage en rapport avec l'histoire qui va bientôt arriver, promis!

Well, I'm always trying to draw my story about Honey better so I can't post it in the next few days! But I promise I've almost finished! I post a li'l dialogue between Erika and Aden :3


D_ception_Aden-She haaates meee...

-Oh nooo... She's... err... always in bad mood a kind of...

-I'll never love another giiiirl... EVER

-Oh yeah, sure... Oh c'mon let's go and get a beeeer...

-Nooo... I want to diiie...


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02 mars 2011

"On aura sûrement besoin de tes compétences d'orateur charismatique de niveau 23..."


"-Oooh! Came back from England?

-Anythin' wrong?


-Wow... Sounds like Problem has told you something...

-Haha! If you knew...

-Alright! What has he told you?



-Did I say "everything"?

-Maybe he's wrong.


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11 février 2011

[ Divide - Anesthésie ] "Ich hab' kein Geld, du hast kein Geld. Wer hat den Mann mit dem Koks bestellt?"


I invited some friends!! Don't mind?
Well well well! Aaand you pay 'em for that?


Shut up you're ugly.
Let me introduce 'em to you...


This is DOUBT! Unobtrusive, simple and what an effectiveness!
Hi Beauty.


And because I know you love sick humour... Here is Sarcasm! Happy?
How nice of you... Too nice maybe.


At least but not least...  QUARREEL :D
Oh... You've invited your nicest friends, haven't you?


And... By the way, how long will they stay here, your mates...?

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20 janvier 2011

"Donc on leur froute au nez et puis basta."


-That young hippy has no courage and no sleep enough to draw you all something. I think it's because her love stories aren't going well... So, she said I mustn't open the mouth to tell you that kind of shit about her life for the next few weeks but I think she forgot that fact: I can write. <3
-You damn asshole.

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02 janvier 2011

"Amen, alors, puisqu'à mes dam et coût, J'ai rêvé d'elle et pas elle de moi." Paul Verlaine.


Well, well, well...!


What did you say, young hippy?


Yeah well, first you gonna play less MMROPG, right...?
Err... Well.. Let's say I don't understand why you're telling me that.
You geek.
Shut up.


I'm in a good mood, so we're gonna take some resolutions for this baby year :D
First, don't wind around me like this!


Oh god, you made a list? This could sounds weird BUT I think it's a horrible resolutions list.




-Stop falling in love with guys on Chatroulette,
-Do my homework
-Say "I love you" to people...
-Don't drink too much (HAHA)
-Stop being too nice
-Don't draw on my notebooks too much
-Update my blog more often...
-Don't be scared of ohters people...
You're kidding me! I'll never be able to do all that for the New Year!

I'll harass you, so you can make your resolutions come true!

I'm so lucky...

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