img231 C'mon Aden! You just ask her out... Complicated? No!


-Fuck, he's always talkin' on his own...

img233-Err, Honey?



 -Would you like...


img235-*somethingnobodycanunderstand* Well, you understand what I mean. Ah.... This is good to tell.

-I didn't understand a fuckin' word you said, you're talkin' far to fast, twat.

img258Err, no, forget it! See you later!



- You all left me at the border!


img248Oh, Karolyn...

img249Err... Yes, right! Karolyn... Well, hem... AWESOME YOU'RE THEEERE YAAAY!

img250-Er... Yeah. S'ry.


img251-So, you was lost at the border...


-And who're you?

-Karolyn. Erika's sister.

img252-Dude, you've lost A GIRL... Good job! Erika's sister by the way!


-Oh! The blond guy has somethin' to tell you!

img254-Oh yeah?


img255I gotta to tell you somethin' about your sister.

img256-She has been kidnapped by mutant beets, hideous military project, planned by bad Byelorussia?

-What are you...? Oh, yeah. You believed that story... Well no.

img257She's actually... Right behind you.




Ce qui va arriver? Vous le saurez dans quelques jours... semaines. Et comme vous le dit Ryan:

What will happen? You'll see that in a few days... No weeks. And as Ryan says: