20 novembre 2010

"Die Panzer rollen, Gegenwehr nicht viel. " Vorkriegsjugend

You're not allowed to get high in a truck! I'm allowed to get high ANYWHERE I WANT! "-Par exemple, y'a des gens qui s'expriment en dessinant partout sur leur cahier d'anglais, n'est-ce pas Tévhi? -Faux! Vous mentez!" "-For example, some people express their feelings by drawing everywhere in their English notebook! Right Tevhi? -LIES!" Little kids... YEESS! ALL NAKED! And a portrait. Et un portrait.
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15 août 2010

"I know I speak like a biatch when I speak English! Fuck off è_é"

Et des portraits des portraits... Portraits, portraits, portraits... Alors désolée pour le scan. Bug de mon scanner >_< Sorry, my scan is awful... Et bientôt une histoire avec Erika et Ryan sur les mystérieux mystères de Cocotte!! :D *Youpiii* And soon, a story of Erika and Ryan about Honey's mysterious mysteries! *Yehaaa*
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16 juillet 2010

"Pendant que l'Angola se viole nous on fait l'amour dans le pétrole."

Et oui, Problème revient! Quel salaud. Yeah well, you haven't met him yet (if you're brave, you can search in my older post... Which is not very clever you know.) but, actually, Problem is a kind of a blue weird ghost which is a little bit... You know... Kind of guy you wanna strangle by your own hands... :D What a douche bag... -Problem is baaaack! -Wooo what's that man?! You're still here you damn thing?! Where have you hidden?! Holy shiiit! -Under your dirty clothes. -God, man, you suffered didn't you...?... [Lire la suite]
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