09 mai 2011

"Donne moi l'courage d'aller bouffer tous les nuages."

-Really really nice crap-shaped hat... An awesome belt which has an awesome design... -Doubt, I think we can get that job at Dior and Galliano can go fuck off! Hell yeah! -Aaaaah you're both so sexy!       J'ai plein de problèmes et de doutes en ce moment, mais bon, autant rigoler avec eux, ça marche bien aussi! I've got lots of troubles and doubts right now... But, sometimes, laughing with 'em is quite good!
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18 mars 2011

"Gros con."

Ok, mon anniversaire c'était hier... MAIS BON! Alright, yesterday was birthday, I'm a kinda late... WHO CAAARES?! :D -Should I say... Birthday Beeeeeer? -Oooh realllyyy? -I get you that one, it's St Patrick's day or what? :D -I bet he'll spit in your beer... -NO WAY?! -Oh... I don't know... -Tell me! -Maybe he'll put drugs in it! -I know he can... -Maybe... -Tell me! -Tell you what? -What he's gonna do with my beer? -Oh? Me? But I don't know anything...
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11 février 2011

[ Divide - Anesthésie ] "Ich hab' kein Geld, du hast kein Geld. Wer hat den Mann mit dem Koks bestellt?"

I invited some friends!! Don't mind?Well well well! Aaand you pay 'em for that?Shut up you're ugly.AssholeLet me introduce 'em to you... This is DOUBT! Unobtrusive, simple and what an effectiveness!Hi Beauty.And because I know you love sick humour... Here is Sarcasm! Happy?How nice of you... Too nice maybe. At least but not least...  QUARREEL :DOh... You've invited your nicest friends, haven't you? And... By the way, how long will they stay here, your mates...? ...Problem?...Bollocks.
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16 juillet 2010

"Pendant que l'Angola se viole nous on fait l'amour dans le pétrole."

Et oui, Problème revient! Quel salaud. Yeah well, you haven't met him yet (if you're brave, you can search in my older post... Which is not very clever you know.) but, actually, Problem is a kind of a blue weird ghost which is a little bit... You know... Kind of guy you wanna strangle by your own hands... :D What a douche bag... -Problem is baaaack! -Wooo what's that man?! You're still here you damn thing?! Where have you hidden?! Holy shiiit! -Under your dirty clothes. -God, man, you suffered didn't you...?... [Lire la suite]
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