20 janvier 2011

"Donc on leur froute au nez et puis basta."

-That young hippy has no courage and no sleep enough to draw you all something. I think it's because her love stories aren't going well... So, she said I mustn't open the mouth to tell you that kind of shit about her life for the next few weeks but I think she forgot that fact: I can write. <3-You damn asshole.
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12 décembre 2010


Tell me, tell me, I printed his Facebook profile! Interested?Hell yeah! But I'll not look at this sheet of paper, even for one sec!OOOOOWWh... Come ooon!No! Get off!I can read it for you if you want!No.You want me to recap?GO FUCK YOURSELF.Désolée de mettre autant d'histoires de Problèmes ces temps-ci mais ça me défoule, ça m'évite de passer à la télé pour meurtre!I'm sorry, there are many many stories about me and Problem but I really need it! Thanks to him, I'm not a murderer...!Bientôt, vous aurez une histoire sur l'origine de... [Lire la suite]
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12 novembre 2010

"Aber das Wichtige ist nicht der Fall - sondern die Landung."

You wore A PAIR OF JEANS for him... You were SOO PRETTY (Well, that was your point of view haha!) Smiling... Quiet AND polite... -You cooked for him with SO MUCH LOVE... BUT... That wasn't enouuuugh... -No really?! Tell me, you multiplied your size by 10 feets or it's me? Oh, and thanks to be by my side and cheer me up whatever happens... I'll never forget that. Bastard.
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27 juillet 2010

"-Wooh mais à quelle heure t'appelles toi? Jviens dme faire défoncer la gueule par ma mère! -Oops désolée :D -...Pas grave :)"

Oh, A friend made me two atebas a few weeks ago! (They're wonderful!) -I don't know why but I have the feeling I'll have fun in the next few days... -JUST GO BACK UNDER MY DIRTY CLOTHES!
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