29 mai 2011

"Martin, Lord of the washing machiiiine!"

-Tell me, you said you'd start working History of Arts as soon as possible, which means when you'd be awake, right? -Yeeees... Said that. -You woke up two hours ago... -Yeees but, Theo sends me texts right now... -"Can't be arsed", have you heard of it? -Fuck off.   Et oui, mon oral d'histoire des Arts c'est demain! D'ailleurs, j'avais la flemme de bien faire cette note, et puis j'aime bien le côté croquis derrière, donc vous faites pas chier! è.é Yes, my history of arts exam is tomorrow! By the way, can't be arsed to... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2011

"Donne moi l'courage d'aller bouffer tous les nuages."

-Really really nice crap-shaped hat... An awesome belt which has an awesome design... -Doubt, I think we can get that job at Dior and Galliano can go fuck off! Hell yeah! -Aaaaah you're both so sexy!       J'ai plein de problèmes et de doutes en ce moment, mais bon, autant rigoler avec eux, ça marche bien aussi! I've got lots of troubles and doubts right now... But, sometimes, laughing with 'em is quite good!
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18 mars 2011

"Gros con."

Ok, mon anniversaire c'était hier... MAIS BON! Alright, yesterday was birthday, I'm a kinda late... WHO CAAARES?! :D -Should I say... Birthday Beeeeeer? -Oooh realllyyy? -I get you that one, it's St Patrick's day or what? :D -I bet he'll spit in your beer... -NO WAY?! -Oh... I don't know... -Tell me! -Maybe he'll put drugs in it! -I know he can... -Maybe... -Tell me! -Tell you what? -What he's gonna do with my beer? -Oh? Me? But I don't know anything...
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11 février 2011

[ Divide - Anesthésie ] "Ich hab' kein Geld, du hast kein Geld. Wer hat den Mann mit dem Koks bestellt?"

I invited some friends!! Don't mind?Well well well! Aaand you pay 'em for that?Shut up you're ugly.AssholeLet me introduce 'em to you... This is DOUBT! Unobtrusive, simple and what an effectiveness!Hi Beauty.And because I know you love sick humour... Here is Sarcasm! Happy?How nice of you... Too nice maybe. At least but not least...  QUARREEL :DOh... You've invited your nicest friends, haven't you? And... By the way, how long will they stay here, your mates...? ...Problem?...Bollocks.
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20 janvier 2011

"Donc on leur froute au nez et puis basta."

-That young hippy has no courage and no sleep enough to draw you all something. I think it's because her love stories aren't going well... So, she said I mustn't open the mouth to tell you that kind of shit about her life for the next few weeks but I think she forgot that fact: I can write. <3-You damn asshole.
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02 janvier 2011

"Amen, alors, puisqu'à mes dam et coût, J'ai rêvé d'elle et pas elle de moi." Paul Verlaine.

HOOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIT!Well, well, well...! What did you say, young hippy?I NEXTED HIM! I WAS SO CLOSE TO FALL IN LOVE! AND I HAD +2 OF SEDUCTION BECAUSE HE LIKED THE WAY I SMILE!!! Yeah well, first you gonna play less MMROPG, right...?Err... Well.. Let's say I don't understand why you're telling me that.You geek.Shut up. I'm in a good mood, so we're gonna take some resolutions for this baby year :DFirst, don't wind around me like this! Heeere!Oh god, you made a list? This could sounds weird BUT I think it's a horrible... [Lire la suite]
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12 décembre 2010


Tell me, tell me, I printed his Facebook profile! Interested?Hell yeah! But I'll not look at this sheet of paper, even for one sec!OOOOOWWh... Come ooon!No! Get off!I can read it for you if you want!No.You want me to recap?GO FUCK YOURSELF.Désolée de mettre autant d'histoires de Problèmes ces temps-ci mais ça me défoule, ça m'évite de passer à la télé pour meurtre!I'm sorry, there are many many stories about me and Problem but I really need it! Thanks to him, I'm not a murderer...!Bientôt, vous aurez une histoire sur l'origine de... [Lire la suite]
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22 novembre 2010

"-Hahaha Jalouse?:D -...OUI!"

Soooooo! Facebook newsfeed?? Go to hell. And I will NOT be connected for a few... a few months. Whyyyy? Check it out . OOOOOOOOOOOOH! I seeeeee! He's FINALLY "In a relationship"! Maybe could you say it louder. Bastard. Well, if you don't wanna be connected on Facebook and check out the newsfeed... This will be A PLEASURE to do that for you...! and I'll tell you EVERYTHING which is written on his wall..! GET TO FUCK YOU JERK!                        
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12 novembre 2010

"Aber das Wichtige ist nicht der Fall - sondern die Landung."

You wore A PAIR OF JEANS for him... You were SOO PRETTY (Well, that was your point of view haha!) Smiling... Quiet AND polite... -You cooked for him with SO MUCH LOVE... BUT... That wasn't enouuuugh... -No really?! Tell me, you multiplied your size by 10 feets or it's me? Oh, and thanks to be by my side and cheer me up whatever happens... I'll never forget that. Bastard.
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17 octobre 2010

"POILS \o/"

"-I'm SURE he's HAIRY!! And I'm sure he can make dreadlocks with!! -Oh Noooo! You're liying!!"
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