30 juillet 2011

"Pince-mi & Pince-moi"

-Weeell! You have pretty beautiful females on Earth! -It's a jellyfish. A dead one. -Ah.

22 juin 2011

Silly Sally ~

-You eat with your... your ears?! -Yup. -Eww. -Stop "ewwing" me! You eat with your mouth I don't "eww"!   -Check out my wonderful ears! -This is disgusting. Oui, l'Anglais, c'est intéressant. YES, english class is interesting. OMG. I've got BLUE SOCKS! I just CAN'T go outside like this! I'm gonna DIE in there! -I don't like jazz. -You'll like it, you stupid kid.
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14 mai 2011

"You asian. -You ginger. -You asian. -You ginger. -You both stupid. -Fuck off!"

Look at my new babyyy. He's called Simon. I made a shit plate to introduce him... Will be better, promise! Regardez mon nouveau bébééé. Il s'appelle Simon! J'ai fait une planche moche et ratée pour le présenter... Mais ça va s'améliorer, promis!   This is Simon. He's 12, likes football and green. He has fallen in love with a girl, once. But when he realized that girls are too complicated for him, he decided he'll be just like his uncle, who drinks blue cocktails. But Simon's mom doesn't really like that uncle who drinks... [Lire la suite]
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