29 septembre 2011

Bein' with youuu~

Hi, everyone! Serotonin draws way too much on her notebooks instead of creating stories about me... She even can't be arsed to put this in color! Soo, here what she has done during the past 3 weeks. Alopecia Sooo, we meet again.... HUMANS. Research about "Full emptiness" in art class
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24 juillet 2011


"I'm a bear full of rage and violence." "I've got a nice hat." -Oh, Brian, playing the guitar is so funny! -Just like my dick! -Oh, Brian, jouer de la guitarre, c'est tellement marrant! -CMB! "For Frodooo!" "hi gurl, u ever suked a guy or wot??? lol u R sxxi" "Pardon me?"
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