29 septembre 2011

Bein' with youuu~

Hi, everyone! Serotonin draws way too much on her notebooks instead of creating stories about me... She even can't be arsed to put this in color! Soo, here what she has done during the past 3 weeks. Alopecia Sooo, we meet again.... HUMANS. Research about "Full emptiness" in art class
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22 juin 2011

Silly Sally ~

-You eat with your... your ears?! -Yup. -Eww. -Stop "ewwing" me! You eat with your mouth I don't "eww"!   -Check out my wonderful ears! -This is disgusting. Oui, l'Anglais, c'est intéressant. YES, english class is interesting. OMG. I've got BLUE SOCKS! I just CAN'T go outside like this! I'm gonna DIE in there! -I don't like jazz. -You'll like it, you stupid kid.
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20 novembre 2010

"Die Panzer rollen, Gegenwehr nicht viel. " Vorkriegsjugend

You're not allowed to get high in a truck! I'm allowed to get high ANYWHERE I WANT! "-Par exemple, y'a des gens qui s'expriment en dessinant partout sur leur cahier d'anglais, n'est-ce pas Tévhi? -Faux! Vous mentez!" "-For example, some people express their feelings by drawing everywhere in their English notebook! Right Tevhi? -LIES!" Little kids... YEESS! ALL NAKED! And a portrait. Et un portrait.
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