03 mai 2011

"Il regarde les autres jouer à la guerre, le coeur lourd comme un canon en fer."

-Pouic from Heeeell! -Ooooi! -Yaay! That's youuu! Huuug! -I didn't... get it. -Since their childhood they've got this weird code... -Hello uglies! Fancy a beer? -Sure! At least we have a good reason to drink today! -Whyyy? -Because your beloved girl is finally arriiived! -------------------
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21 avril 2011

"I'm awesome -Sure you are, honey."

C'mon Aden! You just ask her out... Complicated? No! -Yeah! -Fuck, he's always talkin' on his own... -Err, Honey? -Yup.  -Would you like... -Yeees? -*somethingnobodycanunderstand* Well, you understand what I mean. Ah.... This is good to tell. -I didn't understand a fuckin' word you said, you're talkin' far to fast, twat. Err, no, forget it! See you later!   - You all left me at the border! -Karolyn? Oh, Karolyn... Err... Yes, right! Karolyn... Well, hem... AWESOME YOU'RE THEEERE YAAAY! -Er... Yeah. S'ry. ... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2011

"Sur l'herbe où le jour s'exténue L'arlequine s'est mise nue" Apollinaire

Bon, j'suis constamment en train de refaire les planches de mon histoire des Nénettes alors je vous fais du joli remplissage en rapport avec l'histoire qui va bientôt arriver, promis! Well, I'm always trying to draw my story about Honey better so I can't post it in the next few days! But I promise I've almost finished! I post a li'l dialogue between Erika and Aden :3   -She haaates meee... -Oh nooo... She's... err... always in bad mood a kind of... -I'll never love another giiiirl... EVER -Oh yeah, sure... Oh c'mon let's go... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2010


PFFFFFF... What's wrong? Hem... Why are you cryiiiing? I msshb vrpy cntgrayww.. WHAT?? I MISS MY COUNTRY! Oh! You're from overseas?? OF COURSE SHE IS!! That voice! WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS SHE?! You mean that girl..? Don't even fall in love with her, she's a lesbian! I don't know why you're telling me that! Well, actually, Apolline is from where I from :D Yeah, well, where are you from? BOSNIA AND... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2010

"Vous faites une embolie schyzophrénique. Mais... Ce n'est pas un claquement de doigts qui peut vous en sortir."

Je suis tellement bordélique que j'ai mis les mauvais noms aux mauvais personnages dans mes nouvelles planches... (On rigole pas.) Donc voilà... Je mets des essais de Karolyn et d'un perso que vous connaissez pas encore, Aden!  I'm so messy... I put the wrong names to the wrong caracters on my pages... (Don't laugh!) Well... I just show you some drawings I made of Karolyn and a new caracter you don't know yet, Aden! Here, some good Ecstasy from our wonderful country! SO MANY? You're ruined or something?!! ... [Lire la suite]
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