29 avril 2011


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21 avril 2011

"I'm awesome -Sure you are, honey."

C'mon Aden! You just ask her out... Complicated? No! -Yeah! -Fuck, he's always talkin' on his own... -Err, Honey? -Yup.  -Would you like... -Yeees? -*somethingnobodycanunderstand* Well, you understand what I mean. Ah.... This is good to tell. -I didn't understand a fuckin' word you said, you're talkin' far to fast, twat. Err, no, forget it! See you later!   - You all left me at the border! -Karolyn? Oh, Karolyn... Err... Yes, right! Karolyn... Well, hem... AWESOME YOU'RE THEEERE YAAAY! -Er... Yeah. S'ry. ... [Lire la suite]
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05 avril 2011

"Tévhi, 14... -WAAAAAI CHAMPAGNE!"

Croquis pour Addictions de Farfadets (en collaboration avec mes amis étranges) Sketches for Hobgoblins Addictions (featuring my weird mates)       I'm a unicorn but they wont admit it because they're fine if they don't give my glitter magic allocations! Skinflits!
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